Dryathlon is a word I’m hearing a little too much this month. To me January is all about dining out in beautiful restaurants and enjoying Winter menus and seasonal produce, and I do not intend to have fine cuisine accompanied by water… Lucky enough to be in Cambridge on Saturday I visited the wonderful Midsummer House, the only 2 Michelin Star restaurant in East Anglia, located on the historic grounds of Midsummer Common beside the River Cam. Midsummer House has been named the best restaurant in the East of England in The Sunday Times Food List, and the restaurant is rates seventh in the national top 100. Not yet 40, Head Chef Daniel Clifford opened the restaurant 14 years ago.

Crispy duck egg with duck bacon and a broccoli veloute; skate with a red pepper cannelloni stuffed with squid; the largest pistachio soufflé I’ve ever laid eyes on with toasted pistachios and home made chocolate ice cream, all washed down with a beautiful Rhone Valley. Chloe Scott even raves about Midsummer House’s shepherd’s pie in today’s Metro http://metro.co.uk/2013/01/15/how-to-make-the-best-shepherds-pie-3351606/

If you break one resolution in January, break it at Midsummer House I beg you.