A new Radiohead record is always a much anticipated thing and this yearsThe King of Limbs was no different. Since they threw away the rule book with the release of 2007’s In Rainbows it had been anyone’s guess as to what they would do next. In the end it was quite conventional affair, a download, a “Newspaper Album” (read an LP with a few bits of paper thrown in that you could pre-order) and at a later date an everyday physical release.


 The actual music (the important bit) was on first listen, at least the first half anyway, underwhelming in the extreme; it was only the second half that really went somewhere. The first half was far to beard scratchy; it lacked any of the warmth that In Rainbows had (Nude, Reckoner etc.) it was dense, dark and pretty soulless, having said that it has certainly grown on me with more listens.

The second half of the record is much more human and for my money contains a run of four songs that is pretty unmatched on any other Radiohead record. I have chosen the last of those four and the final track on the LP Separator. When the lovely little guitar part kicks in its like someone has switched the light on – its warmth after the cold electronica.


Due to its name and the fact that there were only eight songs on the record a lot of Radiohead fans believed TKOL to be part one of a double LP (a lot of Radiohead fans seem to be able to find messages in pretty much everything) turns out it wasn’t but various other songs have drip fed out from Radiohead HQ since the release of TKOL along including a double LP of remixes from some of the artists that Radiohead (though you fear it’s probably just Thom Yorke) have been listening too over the past few years including Four Tet, Jamie XX and Caribou. As a bonus I have included the Nathan Fake RMX of Morning Mr Magpie which is a damn site funkier than the original and all teh better for it!