We recently paired up with one of the world’s leading mixologists Andy Pearson, to create a six part online mini-series, Intoxicology TV.

Launching today, each episode features famous faces behind the bar, such as Donna Air, Natalie Pinkham and our Me:Mo’s very own Nat Coombs. The mini-series also marks a collaboration between Pearson and the liquor brand Grand Marnier, who sponsored our newest venture.

With each new episode Andy will teach the basics and tricks to creating classic cocktails such as Martini’s and Margarita’s after which he then hands over to his special guests, giving them a chance to recreate his drinks.

Finally a blind taste test allows the Intoxicology jury a chance to deliver their verdict on who is the best cocktail maker.

Make sure you stay tuned to Askmen.com, a website dedicated to showcasing the very best in men’s lifestyle, for all the latest episodes and let us know how you get on recreating them yourself!