As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. In this digital climate, there really isn’t anything better than social media to get your restaurant or bar on the map, connecting directly to people and what’s more, it’s free.

What began as ripples online of a London of bar serving some of the best Prosecco on the market became waves as Me:Mo applied its determination to lead on the front foot of social media marketing with the hottest new spot in town, Prosecco House.

Restaurant social media has the ability to create an environment and atmosphere before a customer has even set foot into the space. Instagram is the perfect mood board for any new space, whole worlds can be created with the strategic placement of images and colour tones. As opposed to other Instagram feed’s which exude colourful images that are also rustic in composition, Prosecco House’s Instagram feed needed to reflect the product it provides in the quality environment it is set, drawing on rich tones with focal images on the quality product itself. Instagram is a visual representation of a brand and with pictures saying 1000 words, it’s vital that it runs parallel to a bar or restaurants core aesthetics and ideology.

However, despite the shift in PR towards more digital tendencies and restaurants using social media there is and hopefully always will be the need for face to face interaction. After all, behind every Tweet, Facebook post and Instagram image there is someone and that will always remain at the heart of what Restaurant PR is. Nonetheless, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds. Press nights and launch events can be immortalised with the use of Instagram Stories fashioning the ability to create more content and generate more buzz without over posting and clogging feeds. Furthermore, it entices your audience; what is more tempting than seeing other people have a great time at a venue you’re desperate to visit or have previously enjoyed?

With restaurant social media and the digital wave on the brain, here at Me:Mo have people and customer relationships at our core whilst having our finger on the pulse. A winning formula.