In the world of PR and restaurant marketing it is all about playing to your strengths. After all, if you’re London’s first Italian Craft Beer pub as our client is, The Italian Job Pub, then there is no need to be posting about artisan coffee, prosecco or your wide selection of soft drinks.

Restaurant marketing comes in to play when you have to market your client not only to your best ability but to what they as a brand are really good at. You also need to take into account restaurant social media and if your story is one for social platforms.

With the eagerly anticipated football world cup fast approaching, we needed ideas for restaurant marketing and restaurant social media that would result in the end goal, to ensure people would come to The Italian Job to watch the matches and not elsewhere. What is essential in this instance is the ability for the story to seamlessly transfer onto your restaurant’s social media channels, is it a restaurant marketing idea that can be played out on Instagram stories and twitter?

We obviously had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas to play on for the tournament. With the introduction of polls on Instagram stories last year this allows any client to have instant access to their audience on the restaurants social media platform. We thought of the idea of having craft beer flights tailored to the particular games near the end of the tournament whilst simultaneously running polls on Instagram stories about beer preferences to drive engagement, make it fun and also really understand what the customers like in terms of products. With constant collaborations with brewery’s such as Brew by Numbers and Five Points through The Italian Job’s tap takeovers at their local sites and at Mercato Metropolitano, Instagram polls are an excellent way to engage with their audience and tip your cap to other brands, expanding their reach and presence on social media.

This collaborates well with restaurant marketing as with so much buzz inevitably happening around the world cup and every pub having their hat in the ring, there needs to be a PR story that sets you ahead of the rest and involves your most important client, the ones that you need to get through your door.