I often get asked, what does restaurant PR entail?

Restaurant PR is an exciting and never still career. Our clients are diverse, which makes our day to day work ever changing.
One day, I might be working on the launch of a new client such as Feya – which opened in Marylebone a couple of weeks ago – or Sarona, which we’re currently launching, and the next day I might be devising a longer-term press office strategy.
The launch of a new restaurant is a busy and exciting time and involves making sure it is the name on everyone’s’ lips. We have to define how we talk about the restaurant, create media materials, assess where we want coverage (and who might want to cover us!), and seek in our story to press. Once we have the announcement out of the way we will often host a launch event for press to come along and try the menu. Trying to juggle diaries is always tricky, so these events are normally spread over the course of a few days. We then ensure we’re following up with press and influencers who have attended the launch to ensure they have images of and information about the restaurant to write a review.
Once a restaurant has launched, or if we are doing the PR for a restaurant that isn’t new, we need to build a strategy to ensure ongoing coverage across the year that keeps target media talking about the restaurant. This could include stunts, creating special menus, developing consumer-friendly recipes, and tapping into current trends be it talking about an ingredient or a relevant calendar date. Once we have identified the best and most relevant opportunities for the restaurant, we develop press materials – normally press releases and images – and sell them into relevant media.
Restaurant PR agencies become an extended part of the restaurant team and we spend huge amounts of time with our clients learning about the people, the menus, the physical place. As such, our role often goes above and beyond just PR – we often give advice on menus, branding, managing events, and have been known once or twice to give a helping hand on the restaurant floor!
So, when someone asks what restaurant PR is – the answer isn’t easy. It’s a hugely varied, and fun, role!

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