When you think about craft beer Greece might not be the first country that comes to mind however there are a small number of dedicated brewers and beer enthusiasts who are doing their bit to put Greek craft brewing on the map.

On Tuesday 23rd February Hungry Donkey, along with wine & beer expert Tom Harrow (Honest Grapes, Wine Chap, How to Spend It, Noble Rot etc.), hosted a Greek beer and food matching that showcased the diversity and strength of Greek craft brewing.

Perhaps most astonishing is the fact that these beers have even been made in the first place (let alone that they might be any good) – Greece has had its fair share of economic problems over the past ten years of so which has not created a fertile environment for small and enterprising companies to thrive.

A further nod should be made in the direction of Maltby & Greek, an importer of all things Hellenic who operate out of Maltby Street in Bermondsey – they have been instrumental in bringing a lot of unique products to wider audience (not just beer) – well worth checking them out at Maltby Street Market.