Last night, Me:Mo hopped down to Shoreditch to attend a ‘LDN Foodie Influencers’ event hosted by SOMEETUP at  American soul food joint, Boondocks. As well as some seriously tasty chow from the hosts, the event featured quite the line-up, with speakers including the founders of Mindful Chef, Instagram powerhouse AlphaFoodie, the guys behind YouTube smash channel What’s Good London, and #LondonIsOpen ambassadors, Visit London, as well as a whole host of other inspiring figures.

It was a particularly insightful evening for a Food & Drink PR agency, with talks on everything from what the UK’s most popular fast food order is (we’ll give you a clue – it’s round and rhymes with Visa), to how to get the most engagement on Instagram and even how to get noticed by the upper echelons of celebrity, including Victoria Beckham herself!

As a social media agency, it’s particularly important for us to always keep our ears to the ground when the platforms we work with are so fluid and fast moving. It was interesting to hear that engagement on Instagram – traditionally the platform with the highest engagement levels by far – is getting lower on the algorithm, meaning influencers and brands alike are having to be even more creative with their content to be noticed; the importance of being different has never been more paramount. Social media influencers are the forerunners in this department – these are the guys who nail the balance of creativity, credibility, insight and aesthetic.

As a PR and social media agency, our job is to translate this ever-evolving ethos to suit our clients’ brand.

What we say? Challenge accepted.