Tuesday afternoon was a big day for Geronimo Inns and its newly opened pub The Oyster Shed and it all involved a sabre, Champagne, several journalists and a pork pie…

As special treat was delivered to select journalists, including Anna Fielding from Emerald Street and Jonathan Prynn and Nick Curtis from the Evening Standard, kindly hand delivered by one of The Oyster Shed’s waiters. Brightening up their afternoon was one of their finest bottles of Champagne and a delicious locally sourced British pork pie.

The evening was just as eventful with the lovely Lucy Karsten from the Metro heading to The Oyster Shed to have a go at a Sabrage with Geronimo Inns owner Rupert Clevely.

While Rupert is clearly the master at this, wielding the sabre with such grace (and very little Champagne spilt!) it was Lucy who surprised us all as she mastered it with great ease. See below for a video of her in action.

Altogether a brilliant day for The Oyster Shed!