Assaggetti are asking their guests who they would invite to their Ultimate Dinner Party – guests will be able to fill out cards in the restaurant or tell us who they would invite to their Ultimate Dinner Party via Facebook. Assaggetti will be picking their favourite selections each week and posting them on the Facebook page. They will then be asking Facebook fans to vote for their favourite selections. The winner will recieve an Assaggetti Ambassadorship that will entitle them to up to £30 free food when they dine at the restaurant with guests.

Obviously i can’t enter but if i could this is who i would invite to my own Ultimate Dinner Party…

Being from Yorkshire is a little bit like being from Italy, we have intense loyalty to place, yes we might not have the sunshine but we definitely have some character. My dream dinner party would thus be Yorkshire themed; the guests would all hail from the home land. I’d invite David Hockney (a real hero of mine), Alan Bennett for the anecdotes, the poet Simon Armitage who is a fairly recent addition to my “Yorkshire Heroes” list, Christopher Bailey, the creative director of Burberry (unlike most fashion people he seems very down to earth and says that he is happiest when he’s at his property in Yorkshire, that’s my kind of person! along with Hockney he is also the most stylish man in Britain). I need a musician or two so I’d invite Richard Hawley – a man with a big heart and soul and Kate Rusby as we need a few women – i’d probably invite a few of the pretty girls from Betty’s as well (see previous post) and my friend ——- as i have a bit of a thing for her (no i’m not going to tell you who it is!).

If I could resurrect some Yorkshire people then I would invite Amy Johnson, Captain James Cook, Guy Fawkes (I like rebels) and George Cayley – who is probably the most important person you’ve never heard of!

We’d go to the Yorke Arms for dinner then drink too much Black Sheep Ale!