I have no real interest in restaurants with a no booking policy – they are just a pain and, naming no names, I don’t understand why you’d want to queue for two hours to be handed a burger in a bit of grease proof paper and a cocktail in a jam jar / flower pot / conical flask (delete as appropriate) in some God-awful corner of Dalston. Why not just go to the McDonalds opposite Dalston Kingsland station?

There are however two exceptions to this rule, and both are just a few doors from each other in Soho. The first is Koya which serves wonderful noodles which never fail to warm the soul and brighten the heart, and the second is Barrafina which is as close to perfect a restaurant as you are likely to find. I went again on Friday and had another great meal there – in case you wondered, the tuna tartar was as good as I remember from last time – I don’t really need to tell you anymore. Just go – it’s brill, and if at all possible take someone special – if you do you will have the very best time.

The only meal better this weekend was my girlfriend’s lamb wraps cooked on a disposable BBQ on her driveway – quite how she managed to create something so tasty using such rudimentary methods, in such unpromising surroundings is testament to her greatness. Because this is Hackney though, this little set up may open as a ‘restaurant’ in the next few weeks (whether my missus likes it or not – the cool kids might just turn up in the drive with disposable BBQs and crates of warm cider) – keep checking your favourite achingly hip blog for the reviews (coming shortly) and don’t miss next weekends Tweet Up (see for details)…see you there (but probably not)!