Since my last post I have discovered Rolling Stone have bestowed upon Adele the title of Album of the Year. Now I don’t have any massive problem with Adele, I just think she is mightily bland and I agree with every thing Popjustice’s Peter Robinson says here. In the last post I also mentioned my love for the PJ Harvey and Kate Bush records but I feel bad because I failed to mention another female singer who has made some great music this year, Lykke Li there are two songs on her album Wounded Rhymes that I think are marvellous, it was a toss up between Love Out Of Lust and the brilliant Spectoresque Sadness Is A Blessing – after much deliberation i’ve gone for the latter.



Sadness Is a Blessing by LykkeLi

I will be updating my Best of 2011 playlist everyday on Spotify (see link in the top corner!) so if you so choose you can listen to all the records I choose and because I’m generous I’ll also put up the album / single / EP they are from so you can listen to them in “context” if you so wish.