2011 might well have been Adele’s year, 21 has been absolutely huge, personally though I’m not interested, her music leaves me cold. She’s what I call “Supermarket Music”, the kind of record you buy at Tesco along with your other groceries – ultimately disposable.

There have been three albums released by female singers this year that easily outshine Adele, one of those records I will eulogise about in a future post as I think it’s probably the best record released this millennium. Here’s a sneak peak. The other is by Kate Bush who never fails to be interesting and the third is by Leslie Feist who has made a far more thrilling and beguiling record than 21 in Metals.












It’s an aptly named LP as it’s a much stronger, denser work than her breakthrough The Reminder. Sprawling over 16 tracks, there is plenty going on. There is nothing as catchy or immediate as 1234, the single that went huge after being used on the iTunes advert, the first single How Come You Never Go There is one of my favourite singles of the year but i can’t quite see the Muppet’s singing along to it! It’s not the track I’m choosing though, instead i’ve gone for track two on Metals a great gothic pop number called Graveyard with a huge coda that just gets stuck in your head. Perfect for humming next time you find yourself in a graveyard!


Feist – Graveyard by Arts & Crafts