I really like guitars, I like looking at guitars, playing guitars and I also fantasise about the guitars I would own if I had a) any money b) was in a famous band – for the record I’d definitely have a vintage Jazzmaster probably in blue, Telecaster in natural finish and Gibson ES-335 in sunburst.

I like a lot of music and listen widely, mainly to what you’d term rock / pop / electronica / avant garde and alot of classical but great guitar music makes my heart sing. There are definately elements of guitar music that are extremely stale so my ear usually pricks up when i hear something a bit interesting, i am for the most part drawen to those you might class as your anti-guitar hero, those always doing something interesting, people like Johnny Marr. Over the last few years i have really liked what Benjamin Curtis (School of Seven Bells, ex Secret Machines) has been doing. In short i like stuff that sounds like its been influenced by My Bloody Valentine or the Smashing Pumpkins.

For this post i have picked three guitar records that i’ve liked in 2011. The first is Holy Holy by Wye Oak a duo from Baltimore. I got intrested in them after listening to another Baltimore band called Beach House who have been on the stereo constanntly this year and whose Teen Dream album was my record of 2010. There’s some strange pitch bending in this and when the guitars kick with the distortion it really gets going.

Wye Oak – Holy Holy by cityslang

Second up is Romance by WILDFLAG who may lay claim to being the indiest of all indie bands (from Portland Oregon obviously) and a bit of a supergroup (i think almost every member has been in an extremely cult/cool indie band at one time or another) Romance is their first single and it has a belter of a chorus (and belting guitars too).

Wild Flag – Romance by Wichita Recordings

Lastly i have picked a band with one of the worst names in all pop, The History of Apple Pie. They make records that are just crying out for an American high school / coming of age movie – think indie / dream pop but with a bit of a noise element (which tips them just the right side of twee). This is You’re So Cool.

The History Of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool by Roundtable Records