On Thursday evening, Me:Mo invited a party of Bloggers – fashion and food – including Anastasia and Duck,  Girl a la ModeMy Labyrinth BlogYin&YangLeni & Mimi and Fero Fero, to enjoy an evening of food, cocktails and wine at Trullo Downstairs.

The downstairs area of Trullo is all about sharing good food over a cocktail or two; it focuses on carefully crafted cocktails, both classic and proprietary, taking influence from Italian flavours and ingredients, matching perfectly with the food. Like the Restauarant, the menu for Trullo Downstairs changes daily and is derived from the Restaurant’s most popular dishes, so, not to miss out on anything, we ordered the entire menu.

All twenty dishes were beautiful, including the Italian cheese plate with matching wines to finish it all off, which luckily some of us still had space for. It was a lovely evening: great company and wonderful food.