Restaurant social media is at the heart of what we do at Me:Mo. As a multi-disciplinary PR agency, we incorporate digital marketing through social media to enhance restaurant campaigns. We’ve got some of the best minds in the industry when it comes to setting up a platform to take your digital presence and success to the next level. This is the best way to market a new menu or new restaurant launch. But how exactly do we do this? Explained here with a case study, Unico.

In the past two months, Unico Gelato has doubled its number of London sites. Through the implementation of a holistic approach including restaurant social media, newsletters and website blog, Me:Mo were the masterminds behind a very successful launch campaign. Optimal restaurant social media campaigns take careful planning, and it begins with setting up a social spend campaign to map out your campaign with budget, targeting, message, etc. to be able to get the most eyes on it as possible. We refine these further to interest and specific location targeting, as well as targeting the specific demographics of people who are most likely to react or recall an ad from this brand. Using our inside-out knowledge and navigation to restaurant social media, we run our campaign over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – wherever your brand is socially present!

The campaign for the launch event for Unico’s St. John’s Wood Store reached over 31k people across Facebook and Instagram thanks to refined targeting and carefully planned spend allocation. This showed in the success of their launch event, where they handed out countless gallons of free gelato to the local neighbourhood and beyond – it was a full house! We even had some famous faces and foodie influencers pop by! Unico launches on Fulham Palace Road tomorrow, 14th April, and we’re looking to see if our restaurant social media campaign is as successful as the last!

Just to prove the power of a blog post, take this one as an example. You’ve been informed of Unico’s Fulham site launch. There you have it, an inadvertent restaurant launch plug.

There’s no denying the power of restaurant social media. How many times have you been sold on a restaurant solely from a visually compelling and informative social media ad? We have that down to a t. It’s one of the ways a multi-disciplinary PR agency gets bums on your seats. The results show it.

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