It’s no secret that London is a hectic place – nearly nine million people crammed into a space just over ten miles across and visited by many more millions every year. The always-on lifestyle has become the rule rather than the exception, especially in restaurant PR, and the need to fuel it has spawned thousands of quick-service cafes and other outlets.

The quality may vary but the concept is the same – grab your food and drink to go and get on with your day. It’s also no secret that we’re big fans of quality when it comes to what we eat and drink and as such we’ve been big fans of casual coffee and comestible kings Caravan. They were one of the first pioneers in Kings Cross’s regenerated Granary Square just a short hop from Me:Mo towers and we’ve taken more meetings there among the simple stripped-back décor and simple, delicious dishes than we care to remember.

So it’s with a fair bit of excitement we read that Caravan are getting into the grab’n’go business – starting with new site Fitzrovia sadly, but if it works they’ll be rolling it out to all sites, including our beloved local. There is the increasingly vexed question of what to do about the takeaway cup mountain but we are sure they will take that in stride. We will be watching with interest…