As a restaurant PR agency with a strong focus on creative content, we constantly strive to deliver a high quality of social media. To achieve this, we work closely with our in-house photographer and graphic designer to bring our ideas to life. There are no shortages of challenges when it comes to photographing food, but at this time of year there really is only one enemy. The sun and the near lack of it!

With it being practically dark by 3pm that leaves you with only tungsten light (An incandescent light bulb that usually gives off an orange glow). When you are shooting for a restaurant PR agency, perhaps for a magazine feature or even just social media, you want to create the best representation of the dish you are photographing. Ideally you should be capturing food in natural light, but if you find yourself stuck in the dark there are a few ways of combating tungsten light and the first one is white balance. The main issue when photographing in unnatural light is losing true white, by adjusting your white balance with a grey card or even just a white piece of paper you can be sure that anything that is supposed to be white is and therefore correcting all other colours with it.

The next solution is a light box, this is perfect for any photoshoots that don’t require environment and just need styling. A lightbox is the perfect way to isolate your subject from any other source of light apart from its own and have complete control. These are just two solutions for unfavourable lighting in Winter, you can always try reflectors, free standing lights and flashes. As a restaurant PR agency, our main goal is to open the doors to fantastic new restaurants and bars, we want to catch someone’s eye is with captivating imagery. Bring on Summer and lighter evenings!