As a creative and multimedia agency with photography, videography and graphics at our fingertips we’re always on the hunt for ideas that are a little bit more outside the box. When it comes to restaurant social media, the sky is the limit and inspiration can come from anywhere. We love looking into new ways of bringing a restaurants social media presence and feed to the next level and what better way to do that then see what everyone, creatively, has been up to inside or outside the restaurant social media industry.


Moving Stills

We fell in love with an amazing post by Dandelyan Bar on Instagram who combined a brilliant still action image featuring general manager James Wheeler pouring out a shot of Jim Beam mid- cocktail creation, with movement using a cinemagraph image whereby the pouring liquid was streaming out of the bottle, a true living photo. Unfortunately, they have removed the image since but you can find a stunning example here by @superstudio. Adding this to any restaurant social media feed will certainly attract the right kind of attention and take the overall aesthetic to another level.


Colour Themes

Whether it’s all the colour of the rainbow or simple black and white, we love a colour palette running through a restaurants social media theme, or any social media theme for that matter. Although images that stand alone need to be strong and interesting, it is important to ensure that your bar or restaurant’s social media feed works as an overall page. A great example that we stumbled across was @peoplefootwear. Not only do they use a great mix of colour that subtly change from one to another, but each individual image also has fantastic variety, bringing the overall page to life.


Stills and video, working together

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, video is where it’s at. However, images are still important. What if however, videos we’re used as part of a still image? @juniperoats are truly one of the best at this, creating a multi-usage for split images whereby one is a still and the other is a video. Their page is a magnificent combination of photos, graphic design and text and creates a really cohesive social media account, constantly bringing a new dynamic to their Instagram page. Definitely one of our new favourites.


Campaign themes

What better way to demonstrate a range of products on offer and bringing them to life than assigning each one a design theme. @laurentperrierrose is a cut above the rest when it comes to campaign themes however. Laurent Perrier Rose is evidently just the one champagne so by applying different graphics and campaigns, it keeps the social media feed fresh, cool and current, demonstrating that even if you only have one thing to talk about, it doesn’t mean your restaurant’s social media page has to be stagnant.

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