As ever, it’s been a busy week at Me:Mo towers, with lots of interesting client news going out. Various different client teams have been selling in different stories, with a couple of big hitters that were too good for us to not share.

The Ichiba train shows no sign of slowing down, with everyone wanting a piece of Europe’s recently opened largest Japanese food hall. The launch is a (nearly) distant memory now, being a whole two weeks ago, however, the job hasn’t ended now that it is open. As well as inbound media enquiries, the team has been working hard to secure some top-notch coverage. It’s quite hard to imagine just how amazing Ichiba is without seeing it, so we were delighted when Secret London agreed to come down and film the many different facets of Ichiba. We had a few really fun hours of filming (and eating!), and sent the lovely Secret London filming team on their way. You can see the final film for yourself here.

We often don’t have a new launch for a client so have to find ongoing press office opportunities. This has been a focus for the Cafe Loren team recently. Serving a variety of different types of Shakshuka (a big favourite with Me:Mo), Cafe Loren is situated in the heart of sunny Camden. As well as speaking to media about menus and occasions you might visit Cafe Loren for, we also like to ensure Cafe Loren is firmly on the map. We were delighted when Eater London ran an article of brilliant restaurants in Camden, featuring yours truly. You can read the full article here.

As well as listings, we love to treat our journalist pals well – and what is better than giving them a lovely dinner? Leading men’s fashion mag were thrilled to visit Chino Latino to try out the different spoils on the menu (and of course the view wasn’t too bad either!). Sometimes we have special menus we can push out, but more often than not we just want to introduce our clients to new audiences. You can read how Pause got on visiting Chino Latino here.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the coverage the Me:Mo machine pushes out, check back next week for some new highlights!