In a world of Twitter cards, mailers and Facebook spend you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that physical collateral (yeah, remember that stuff you used to be able to hold in your hands?) is dying out. With this in mind, it’s interesting to wonder if collateral has a place in the future, of PR and marketing, at all or whether the Amazon Rainforest may actually catch a break from being manipulated into shiny, colourful bits of paper which offer you that all important 10% off!

Realistically, for better or worse, the former is more likely to be true, so don’t throw out those bags for life just yet! The tactile nature of collateral is the very reason why it is still integral to modern day campaigns. The travels of a single piece of collateral put Bilbo Baggins’ adventure to shame. You can find them in libraries, barbers, nightclubs and even the end of hipsters’ fags when both the student loan and their last filter abandon them. The point is that brand exposure is everywhere you look as long as your flyering squad hasn’t dumped them in the bin on the corner. If you’re savvy with your placement, and you highlight your USP with bold (but not ludicrous) colours and a pleasing font, your collateral will forge your campaign.