Gone are the days of sending out endless promotions into the Twittersphere hoping that your set menu will go viral – no, nowadays people want more and expect more. Gamification in marketing is fast becoming one of the best ways of communicating with your customer without boring them senseless! There have been plenty of good examples of companies who have used gamification as a means of engaging customers including many of our own clients.

The Marketing Game

For Jackson + Rye this Father’s day we created a personality quiz: Which Rye Whiskey Is Your Dad? With the objective of promoting Father’s Day in a way that would get people thinking about Father’s Day without a constant stream of promoting being thrown their way. We have also created instant win competitions, sweepstakes and many more (the options are endless!).

Apart from being obviously engaging there are many other reasons for considering using gamification as a marketing resource. For one thing it is a great way of collecting data!

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