Whether the idea of anything digital makes you want to run a country mile or whether you find it fascinating, one thing is for sure – you can’t escape it! We live in an age led by the digital evolution and marketing is certainly no exception.  From your website to social media, digital marketing has become an essential part to any business especially in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

So why is digital marketing so important to businesses these day? In a society constantly in search for instant gratification, digital marketing caters to these needs. It is a way to target and communicate with an audience that you can then convert into bookings without having to step out the front door. There are so many ways nowadays at your disposal to convey a message, whether it be a new menu or a new venue, you don’t just have to use methods such as word of mouth or print which can take a while to gain momentum.

Aside from being able to get your story out there quickly, you can really track the progress and tweak where necessary. Nothing needs to be set in stone.

This also means you are really able to gain an understanding of how your customer works and what it is that works for them!

This is not to say that the more traditional forms of marketing aren’t important. On the contrary! Classic marketing is what gives your business that personal level that at times can slip through the cracks with digital marketing. It is what makes your business part of a community rather than JUST a restaurant or a bar.

Like anything it is important to know all your options and use every tool at your disposal.  If words like SEO, AdWords or Google analytics sound like a foreign language give us a call and someone on team will be able to translate!