One of our big focuses here at Me:Mo is hospitality PR especially for new openings. This week we hosted a hospitality PR event for a new opening called Feya. Feya is a café in the heart of Marylebone on James Street near St Christopher’s Place and will be opening this Spring. Feya serves a variety of cakes, pastries and tarts as well as a drinks menu featuring boutique tea and coffee.

Feya is going to be one of the biggest new openings in London this Spring and is a key hospitality PR story for an agency like us. Feya has been designed by Event Concept and Shed Design and has a beautiful cherry blossom tree encapsulating the café making it a calming and relaxing place to dine at. Because of the design element Feya will be a huge hospitality PR story for lots of different types of media such as design press, food and drink as well as lifestyle media.

We hosted our hospitality PR event for this new opening last week across three different sessions to give journalists the ability to be flexible with the time they visited us. We had three intimate sessions where guests were able to try the menu and experience the café. We had lots of people attend the event including people from print publications that write about new openings as well as influencers and bloggers.

We had Heat Magazine, Time Out, Buzzfeed, all attend as well as lots of influencers. This was a great opportunity to get a big burst of press coverage at once for Feya across digital and social media. For new openings it is really important in the hospitality PR to go out with a big bang to ensure maximum exposure for the client and this is something we have done for Feya.