The Me:Mo TV crew were up bright and early last weekend to film a series of training videos with the creme de la creme of Chinese gastronomy at HKK, Hakkasan’s exclusive Shoreditch restaurant. Chefs drawn from across the estate prepared a range of the group’s signiture dishes on camera to provide a definitive record for Hakkasan to use as an internal training tool.

The combination of world-class chefs, an impeccable kitchen and extensive planning meant that the day flowed smoothly with dish after dish being captured simaltanously from multiple angles to allow a perfect view of each step and a range of options in the editing suite to ensure that this exercise in internal food and drink PR is as complete as can be made. The skill, precision and professionalism of Hakkasan’s chefs was breathtaking to watch and the welcome the Me:Mo team were afforded was second to none, making it a Sunday’s work to be proud of for all parties.