Whilst most were out trick-or-treating or applying suspect face paints on Wednesday, Me:Mo Interactive was hosting a somewhat more civilised bloggers’ event at Geronimo Inns The Oyster Shed, in the City. Greeted by Head Chef Mark looming over a table laden with mountains of oysters, scallops, seabass and salmon, Mark showed the group how to shuck an oyster with the aid of a metal glove, an oyster shucker and a tea towel – not to mention a very steady hand.

Whilst the group sipped Champagne, Mark went on to demonstrate how to open a scallop, fillet a seabass and how to create a delicious beetroot marinade for smoked salmon. Guests included Slow Food Kitchen, Blue Tomato, Frost Magazine, London Unattached, The London Foodie, IsabelleOC.com and What’s Good To Do.