It’s been a super exciting week for Food and Drink PR here at Me:Mo. In our latest media coverage round-up, we highlight the hottest pieces of coverage that we’ve achieved this past week in the Food and Drink PR world: 

Florentine on Evening Standard GO LONDON by Mars El Brogy. Britain’s leading freesheet newspaper has a sleek, digital arm that reports on the hottest London trends. This time, they’ve covered the mouth-watering Herculean burger at Florentine in their round-up on the Weirdest Burgers in London. Sign us up! As a Food & Drink PR agency who love our videos we were extremely happy to see Florentine sitting amongst some of the biggest and bizarre burgers in London.  

We are also delighted to showcase two more radiant reviews in print pieces: Shoryu Ramen Carnaby on Time Out by Tania Ballentine for their best al fresco dining spots in London and Woza Biltong in The Sunday Telegraph piece on 6 of the Best Beef Jerky and Biltong, tasted by Madeline Howell. As a Food and Drink PR agency, we cannot wait to start selling on the next hot story! 

Back to Florentine, London’s all-day dining brasserie, and their array of excellent coverage that has appeared off the back of Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day receiving coverage in The Resident & The Handbook. 

Last but not least, Rhythm Kitchen, has appeared in The Independent’s ‘What Is Jerk Chicken, and How Do You Make it?’ round-up.  

We’re now focusing on new and exciting Restaurant PR London stories to ensure media coverage over the Autumn and Winter months for all of our clients. 

All in all, a great week for Food & Drink PR at Me:Mo.