At Me:Mo, your go-to food PR agency, we have been shaking things up. Our in-house photographers and graphic designers have been creating engaging content for our ever scrolling generation. Photography and design are really important to us as this is the digital first impression. Be it your potential new loyal customer or someone who’s always wanted to visit. Either way, as a food PR agency, we strive to push those boundaries and make our clients look the best they can. 

It is a complete in-house collaborative effort in our food PR agency to come to the final finished product. To showcase what we do here, we have pulled out some stand out highlights.

39 Steps:  

This month has seen a make-over for their feed, incorporating white frames to every post and keeping to a 1×1 square crop. This is a sure fire way to create a consistent looking feed. There is no need to compromise on imagery when planning for future posts.  

39 steps Instagram feed


For Feya, we worked very closely alongside our photographers and our graphic designer to create a really engaging landing Instagram feed. With a strong aesthetic and concept in mind, we created the same feeling you get when inside their café on James Street. This is what captivating design should do.   

Feya Cafe Instagram feed

Gujarati Rasoi:  

For Gujarati Rasoi we introduced double split images onto the feed this month. These look unique in the whole feed, but also as strong singular images on their own. This is a great way to include more copy as the posts could be spread out to reinforce the same message. You can also drive traffic to your feed. You don’t have to compromise on the orientation of the image you want to post because of Instagram’s restrictive image proportions.