London is one of the food capitals of the world, hosting culinary delights from every corner. The ever-increasing number of restaurants combined with the rise in power of all things digital within London restaurant PR and food PR in London, has given birth to an alternate universe that is Instagram. Within its powerful walls lives a community of influential figures who quite literally eat, sleep and breath all things instagrammable. Whether it’s photographing the picture-perfect crushed velvet restaurant interiors, or getting the money-shot of that juicy burger, these people know what they’re doing when it comes to .


If you’re not already following these incredible accounts, here’s a little low-down on why these foodie guys are the best! (You’ve got to trust our judgements as one of the best food PR agencies in London 😉 )


The one for eating abroad: @a_ontheroad

Followers: 161k

Alex is the one to go to for breath-taking travel stories and showcases the perfect mix of exteriors and food shots to make you drool! His blog is a great place to seek out your next adventure abroad.


The one for London: @eastlondonmornings

Followers: 67k

Katya’s feed is an inspiration to us all. A stunning aesthetic and the perfect representation of London at its best. Katya has been in the biz for years, knows London like the back of her hand, and always frequents the top spots around the city!


The one for food porn: @ks_ate_here

Followers: 71.7k

This is where it gets messy! Enter drooling face, and all things food porn. KS knows a thing or two about street food, so come here for burgers, dumplings and a whole load of fried chicken! He also runs regular competitions with some generous prizes – keep your eyes peeled!


The one for recipes: @rosiefoodie

As a columnist for BBC Good Food and Guardian Feast, Rosie’s words are wise, and her recipes are wonderful! Dinner inspiration right here.


The one for exteriors: @immovingtolondon

Followers: 21.9k

Pink doors in Spring, Green doors in Winter, the aesthetic rolls with the seasons, and makes for a great feed. London looks mighty fine through Deyana’s lense.


The one for cheap eats: @thecutlerychronicles @ldncheapeats

Followers: 104k

London can be pricy, especially when it comes to eating out. Leyla has thankfully come to the rescue with her website and Instagram account London Cheap Eats, which will give you recommendations all around the city for eating out on a budget. Specifically £8 or less!


The one for health: @hemsleyhemsley

Followers: 310k

These sisters are healthy cooks who’ve created some fabulous recipe books to share their knowledge. We all need a little help when it comes to eating our greens, and these girls are the ones to go to for expert guidance.


The one for veggies: @thelittlelondonfoodie

Followers: 41.5k

Clare is our idea of the ultimate vegetarian. Sure, she eats her greens but shes also takes a fancy to the beige stuff. From pizzas to crepes, this girl sure knows how to eat! Her feed is super vibrant, and we just can’t get enough of it!


The one for sandwich lovers: @the.xandwich

Followers: 18.8k

Sandwiches, Sandwiches, and more sandwiches. Who doesn’t love sandwiches?!


The one for burgers: @jakesfoodbible

Followers: 26.3k

More like the burger bible! Come here for big eats and sexy treats! Jake’s burger collection is quite something.


Memo’s Food PR in London guide to foodie influencers, over and out! Follow them all now, or forever miss out!