This week, Thursday the 10th of December to be precise, Galvin at Windows’ GM and Maitre d’ of Love Fred Sirieix went to prison. Shocking news, we’re sorry if this is the first you’re finding out but it was all in a good cause. Fred has spent months devising and preparing a pop-up restaurant in the canteen at HMP/YO Isis – a young offenders institute in London – in a drive to teach young offenders professional skills and help them to enter the world of hospitality upon completing their prison term.

Fred says “It is hoped (and planned for) that this pop up will be part of and the start of a wider national initiative called Clean Slate to teach prisoners about service and cooking within prisons so that they can join our industry upon release and become true experts and role models. The aim is to educate and teach the offenders the necessary professional foundations, key life skills and personal values that will allow them to secure a job and return home to lead a productive and law abiding life as well as contribute to a thriving and professional industry, where it is evident that there is a staff and skills shortage”.

Fred’s drive to help young offenders turn their lives around while helping raise the standards in the hospitality industry is a brilliant move and we’re looking forward to many more events like this through 2016. You can find out more about the Clean Slate here and follow Fred on Twitter here to keep up with all that’s going on with this amazing initiative. Just don’t mention Porridge…