Galvin HOP, a Pub de Luxe on Spital Square a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street station and next door to its big brother La Chapelle, is the latest opening from the Michelin starred Galvin brothers. As with everything they do, Chris and Jeff broke down the concept of a pub and rebuilt it in their image, selecting a Tankovna beer system from Pilsner Urquell which provides fresh, unpasteurised Pilsner which is second only to drinking it from the lagering tanks, spending months perfecting the short but brilliant menu including the Galvin Dog de Luxe – a hot dog like you’ve never tasted before – and a cutting-edge keg wine system which not only guarantees the wine reaches the consumer in perfect condition but also cuts waste, environmental impact and provides the opportunity to work with winemakers to have their own Galvin cuvees made.

Since opening the doors they have received extensive coverage and a few highlights include a fulsom review in the exacting City AM, coverage in London Live, Marie Claire, Shortlist featured the pub in Pints and Pistachios, Conde Nast Traveller US interviewed the brothers, the Evening Standard featured it no less than three times, once for their recipe video, once in the paper and a third time an online review.

Obtaining coverage like this one of the harder tasks in food and drink PR and even with a name like the Galvins, and PR director Bianca Russell and her team are due a pint or two themselves.