A couple of months ago I set up a co-promotion between Geronimo Inns and the production of “One Man, Two Guvnors” with their marketing company AKA. Over the last few weeks in 12 of the pubs we have been running an exclusive ticket offer and competition. It has been a really successful promotion with over 800 entries in a month. To enter guests had to sign up to the G Club which is Geronimo Inn’s reward club. You too can sign up (for free!) here – it has been great for Geronimo Inns as we have got double the number of G-Clubbers we’d usually expect in a usual month. Check out what else Me:Mo have been up to here.

Anyway last night I went to see the play with AKA and Geronimo Inns. I’m a born cynic and I go into most things expecting to be disappointed. Generally I can’t stand hype and this play has been getting its fair share.

I’ll also confess I have never been a fan of James Cordon. Gavin & Stacey leaves me cold and Horne & Cordon was half an hour of my life I’ll never get back. I hear some people watched all six episodes (that’s 3 hours of their life that they won’t get back again – so I probably got off lightly).

But this play seems to have reinvented Cordon, back on stage for the first time since the History Boys the initial run at the National Theatre sold out in a flash. Earlier this week the play won the Evening Standard “Best Play of the Year”, it was also announced that after this stint it will be heading to Broadway.

Well if I went in a non-believer I came out a convert. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen – Cordon was brilliant and the supporting cast excellent, It had a bit of an unassuming beginning but the middle section where Francis (Cordon) is trying to serve dinner to his two Guvnor’s simultaneously is absolute gold. There were a few bits where it was hard to work out whether they were improvised or scripted (a door handle falling off etc. – the cynic in me thinks set up) but that doesn’t detract. It’s farcical, funny and a great night out. Highly recommended!