We have started to produce a series of short informative videos for Geronimo Inns which will come under the banner of Geronimo TV. The first of these, entitled “How to Shuck An Oyster”, which we made to co-incide with the launch of the Oyster Shed (named after its location on Oyster Gate Walk, not because it’s an oyster / seafood restaurant – though obviously there are always oysters and other fishy goodies on the menu!) in the City of London. We have been able to syndicate this with the nice people at Shortlist.com who have filed it under their Instant Improver section – which is where you need to go to learn some life skills (it’s a bit like school but better).


In the video Ray Brown, the Director Food at Geronimo Inns, shows you how to shuck an oyster (well what were you expecting?) – a skill any self respecting foodie should know how to do.

Watch out for more of these videos a little later in the year!