London restaurant marketing is on one hand a tricky and ever-changing business, a matter of keeping up with the latest trends, creating even newer ones, monitoring the huge array of mediums, platforms and places which the ingenious restaurateurs and agencies of this great city seek to promote who they are and what they do. On the other hand is exactly the same as ever it was – harking back to when the proprietor of the first ever eating-house among the thatched huts clinging to the side of the untamed river Thames first looked out of his or her door to see that another hut was also serving food, and it had more customers.

Marketing is an often-derided function of any business and London restaurant marketing is no different. If advertising is, as George Orwell claimed, “the rattling of a stick in a swill bucket” then marketing is the dull thud as it hits the side. As much as the man was a genius though, the artist has always derided the practical application of talents similar to their own. Coming up with ways to advertise the charms of a restaurant is a fiendishly difficult thing in such a crowded marketplace and requires a level of honesty which is rarely considered – the marketeer needs to be absolutely truthful about what it is which will make people visit the establishment, about who it is they’re looking to attract and what they think will do this. If you know you’re aiming to attract, that your place would be perfect for work-do’s, then you target your marketing at the office decision-makers. If it’s a great spot for wifi-wanting laptop warriors, then work out why they would visit you for that, then tell them. It’s the easiest thing in the world, which also just happens to be the hardest – search your soul, then bare it. The covers will come.