According to the City of London findings in 2017, there are 24,420 registered businesses in London alone and this can only mean one thing, there are local businesses surrounding restaurants who are eager to feed hungry workers wherever you are.

The big question is, how do you tear people away from their sandwiches and entice people to pop into a restaurant for lunch instead? Restaurant marketing is one of the key elements to making your establishment successful and initiating returning business to those around you. Without restaurant marketing for local businesses or restaurant marketing through third party apps and new a cool booking platform, it’s hard to set yourself ahead of the pack.

Here is our easy guide to restaurant marketing to local businesses:

Know your audience. Creating a local business list is the first step towards local businesses restaurant marketing. Once you have all this information in once place and have a feel of the restaurants surroundings, you can decide which tactic to impose whether this is offering complimentary meals, deliveries via Deliveroo to the office or even post work drinks and nibbles for offices in the area you want to make yourself known to.

Pick up the phone. Restaurant marketing isn’t all about hiding behind your emails and computers. Sometimes the best thing to do is just pick up the phone, chat to potential clients and let them know what you’re all about.

Third party marketing. Keeping your finger on the pulse of new apps and brands out there that offer free marketing for your restaurant is always an added bonus Companies such as First Table, AndCo and Nutrifix are great examples of companies that help restaurants market themselves in new, interesting and diverse ways, tapping into brand new audience networks.

Think outside the box. If the businesses aren’t coming to you, how about you go to them?

Think outside of the UK! Restaurant marketing doesn’t always have to be local, how about heading to tourist board websites or sites such as Air BnB and STA travel and capture some of the 19 million tourists that flock to London every year.

Go digital. When you think about it, more often than not you’re more likely to head to a restaurant’s Instagram page before their website nowadays. Strong restaurant marketing is all very well, but you’ve got to have a strong brand and online presence to back it up and keep people interested. According to Econsutancy’s article, Pizza Pilgrims is the ultimate success story of how a local and loyal following can seriously help you pick up the pace. From 1 van to now 8 sites and counting and a dedicated YouTube channel, founders Thom and James Elliot have really shown what it takes to build up a restaurant group from scratch, digitally and of course using restaurant marketing.

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