A restaurant’s Instagram feed is there to give present and future customers a digital but visual representation of your concept and brand. When trying to create interesting restaurant social media campaigns and aesthetics there is a lot to take into consideration. Gone are the days of pack shot drink and food imagery and excessive copy, less is more. Followers won’t even bother to read what you have to say if you haven’t caught their eye in the first place. Successful restaurant social media is about understanding your client and their audience, so here are a few key things to remember when you’re trying to visualise your brand.


Colour Palette

It’s important to consider that although the colours in your photos may not mean much when being viewed on the ‘home’ feed, when someone looks through your full grid feed it really does. Having a constant colour theme throughout your images can be striking and fantastic way pushing those brand details. A great example of this is Feya, a new café by St. Christopher’s Place, behind Selfridges. The dusty pinks and clean whites are carried throughout the interior and straight onto the feed.


Posting in rows

Posting in rows is a fantastic way of organising what can end up being a hectic feed. You could have a row for dishes, then a row for interiors and so on. Restaurant social media is the best way to give your customers a better understanding of your business and this method of posting can simplify and bring order to all of your content so it’s is clear and simple to view. At Galvin At Windows we have been posting in three’s, the subjects being: new food menus, new cocktail menus, staff and regrams.


Be different

When trying to come up with ideas for interesting content it can be easy to slip into routines. Quality restaurant social media is about creativity, not following the crowd but leading it. This could be finding new and interesting ways to capture imagery, avoiding your standard chef portraits and giving a different context to an image and utilising the space. We recently created a timelapse for the 39 Steps Coffee Haus Facebook cover photo. It would have been easy enough to take a nice landscape still of the exterior, but why not take advantage of the new video feature? We created a timelapse of the bustling soho street on their doorstep, keeping the shop in crisp focus and everyone else walking past as blur. This has given a wonderful effect and is great visual representation of the atmosphere of the location.

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