As we introduce August, we slowly say goodbye to longer summer evenings but luckily, we have foodie influencers to remind us of what’s been. With summer season upon us, food-fanatic tourists and locals alike visiting London Town seek excitingly adventurous menus to get their hands on. Londoners know first-hand the rarity of decent weather but when the sun does eventually come out to play, calorie in-take rises. Take a look at our line-up of our go-to foodie influencers perfect for summertime.


Rich in colour, rich in diversity – Ed aka @onehungryasian captures the intensity of flavours, we can almost taste it. Ranging from hearty buffalo burgers to cheesy chicken cachacas, this foodie influencer shows us just how good food-to-go can be. We all like to make the most of the sunshine whether that be sunbathing, reading, eating or drinking under it so rely on Ed to show you the best comfort food to enjoy taken away.


Passionate about food, drinks and travel, foodie influencers @londonfoodbabes hits the city devouring the cheesiest of pizzas and sweetest of daiquiris. Their page is a great portfolio of cocktail and food pairings in the city if ever you decide to spoil yourself to a mid-week treat this August.


Another serious carb-loaded foodie influencer – @ks_ate_here plays no games in the restaurant scene, leaving her mark on the web by posting nothing other than food-envy content. If you’re looking to enjoy a quick, flavoursome meal on the go this summer, she’s got you covered.


Al fresco dining in the comfort of your own home is definitely a summertime shout. Vegan cook and foodie influencer, Rachel Ama shows us just how creative the vegan scene can be, and how easily it can be replicated on your kitchen counter.

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