Instagram highlights are essentially a collection of story clips that you can add permanently to your bio. An extra space to show off your brand through not only words but an extra visual chance to showcase brand identity.

Highlight covers have added a new arm to profile customization. In a busy, ever-growing world of Instagram, it’s important now more than ever to make your profile stand out from the rest. Covers allow restaurant social media profiles to add more branding to their feed without necessarily having to add branding to individual imagery. Improving brand recognition and the look and feel of the overall feed.

We’ve done this for the majority of our client’s restaurant social media, making a huge difference to the overall aesthetic;


A simple, yet effective concept using brand Pantone’s and fonts, keeping the feed slick and cohesive to the brand.


florentine Instagram highlights



Feya Cafe is known for its marble tables and pink blossom interior, the designed highlights using a marble background with pink text portray this, giving the audience a glimpse of the atmosphere before they even visit.


Feya Cafe restaurant social media


Rhythm Kitchen

Palm leaves and Caribbean vibes, the graphics here allow brand assets to be visible on the feed. Also used as the wallpaper in their restaurant, similarly to Feya this gives users a glimpse of the interiors before they visit.


Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant social media


Chilli Pickle

Chilli Pickles branding is very vibrant and colourful, the highlight covers use simple icons and brand Pantone’s to really make the feed pop and fit in with their overall design!


Chilli Pickle Restaurant social media


Prosecco House

Prosecco house’s ‘Cheddar jack’ font is key and unique to their branding – using this and their brand navy within the highlights complimenting the logo


Procecco House restaurant social media


…. And you don’t have to be a pro graphic designer to add this extra touch to your feed! Highlight covers are better off simple, online graphics platforms like Canva will do the trick. All you need to know is a 16:9 1920 x1080 pixels canvas size, brand Pantone’s and font’s and off you go!

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