Snapchat started it, Instagram followed suit and Facebook has now also jumped on the bandwagon. The instantaneous nature of social media, it seems, has somehow become even more instant. The relatively recent phenomenon of the ‘Story’ has, as everything does in the world of social media, snowballed at a staggering rate, and has begun to change the entire way we use social media.

Where once the vertical scroll of the news feed dominated our screens, the landscape of social media is increasingly transforming into one of short, transient video clips and boomerangs. The CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, when speaking of the launch of Instagram Stories, referred to Stories as ‘a format’, one that you could take and put your own spin on. No one these days would accuse Twitter of copying Facebook’s scrolling feed; it is now simply the bedrock of how social media operates.

The intensely personal nature of Stories – giving potentially thousands of people a view of your life from a mere arm’s length away – is a huge part of its success. This translates for brands, as well as people – previously automated, faceless online presences, the new ‘Story’ format sees brands’ personality let through, humanising them and putting a face behind the name, allowing them to become much more relatable, relevant and appealing to their consumers.

Is this the next major chapter in the increasingly multifaceted book that is social media? Better watch this space story.