At Me:Mo we set the bar high and we do it for ourselves as well as for clients. There is no point in working towards something unless you make it personal, take it to heart and give it your all. We do this as a matter of course and the recognition we crave is that of the potential customer becoming an actual customer for one of the superb restaurants we’re so proud to work with.

Whether it’s through press, marketing, content or social media, the strange dichotomy is that everything we do is designed to be seen, but seen as if it’s not by us but by those we work with and for. We don’t often set much store by awards in an industry which is awash with them, but sometimes one comes along which strikes a chord and you’ve just got to throw your hat in the ring for. Just such a one is Propel’s Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Awards 2018, a new kid on the block but one which aligns so much with what we’ve done since we were founded: put the client first and create impact through savvy, joined-up campaigns with a digital-native point of view. So it’s with great pleasure we can announce that of the three categories we entered, we are finalists in all three! This coming January we’ll fight it out for:

Integrated Campaign of the Year, for CAUNival with CAU Restaurants

Digital Campaign of the Year, for #CoteToTable with Cote Restaurants

…and of course Best Use of Video, for a series & campaigns we created for Chino Latino & Florentine, both under the aegis of the Park Plaza Hotel Group.

We don’t work for awards, but a bit of silverware on the mantelpiece is always good to glance at when the days are tough. So, let’s see what happens in January…