We have spent a lot of time in recent years on the Instagram platform trying to work out and understand the algorithms as well as we can. Although the algorithm is very much impossible to beat, there are many ways to increase your reach on Instagram to help you with your restaurant marketing and get your establishment noticed. Below are Me:Mo‘s top 3 Instagram growth hacks:

IG Stories (the right way)

This is our main Instagram hack, and although it’s very simple to use Instagram stories, there is a way to use Instagram stories the right way and increase your engagement and followers. Instagram stories are one of the only features on Instagram that do not seem to be affected by the algorithm. If you would like to be seen by more individuals, you should be uploading Instagram stories frequently (daily if possible). This will help you be seen by your existing followers and increase your engagement.

Before you upload your story onto Instagram, you will first need to click the smiling icon in the corner.


Instagram story button

Once you have clicked that you will have many options to pick from. The first option you will want to click on is the ‘location’ and start typing in the location you want to target (make sure this location is linked to what you are posting). This option is very important as it will broaden the reach of your post – not only to accounts that follow you but to accounts that also follow the location you have selected.

Next, you will want to select a ‘hashtag’. Like the location, this will allow your post to be seen by more people. You will also need to make sure your hashtag corresponds with what you are posting. If you abuse this, it will result in individuals selecting the ‘Don’t Show for This Hashtag’ option on your post and will eventually get you banned/shadow banned from Instagram.

Instagram stories hack

If you follow this simple Instagram story hack, you should see an instant increase in the number of followers and  engagement levels you are getting on your page.

Until next time!