For the observant of you out there you may have realised that Facebook changed the font of their logo recently which whipped the general public into a frenzy, for some unknown reason. However, there’s more changing at Facebook than the shape of the letter ‘a.’

With scope to rival YouTube in the way that it presents video content and with plans to create their own music streaming service, it’s clear that expansion is the very highest of priorities at Facebook. This in turn will make it all the more important for people to market their brands effectively on this ever growing social machine.

For now, video posts remain the best organic way to reach an audience, having almost double the reach of other posts, according to Socialbakers. Should Facebook step up its video ad business however, brands will likely be encouraged to pay for that reach in time.

Facebook has altered the way it charges advertisers for clicks to ensure marketers are getting some actual return on investment.

Previously, the company charged as much for a like, share, or comment as it would for a user clicking out to an advertiser’s website during a campaign.

Now it has dropped the charges for social sharing, and will only charge for “link clicks.” That includes clicks to another site, call-to-action links like “shop now,” installing an app, an in-Facebook app, or to video on another site, such as YouTube.