My name is Kendall and I am a Me:Mo intern – if you have called the office at all this summer, you might better recognize me as the American voice that picked up your call. As my time with Me:Mo comes to a close and I prepare to head back to the states to finish my last semester of college, I am sad to be leaving Me:Mo and the amazing city that is London.

I love to travel and really wanted to intern abroad this summer. Besides some pretty sub-par French skills, I am not multi-lingual, making London the perfect place to start my search. So, I hopped online and began googling, applying to and emailing several agencies of all different sorts. Me:Mo was one of the first sites to pop up when I searched “restaurant PR London” – thanks to good SEO, something I would learn more about a few months later. After emailing back and forth and interviewing, I was offered the internship, which I was thrilled to accept. I study Integrated Marketing Communications, so I wasn’t too sure what I was getting into with food and drink PR, but I love food (and drinks) so I figured why not?

While I have had several internships prior, I have never interned for an agency, much less an agency all the way in London. As June grew closer and closer, I began to worry. Will I just be the coffee girl? What if I do a terrible job? Is this going to be like an agency in AMC’s Mad Men? Can I continue to use the word “ya’ll”? Will I have a desk or sit on the floor? How can I avoid the big, fat, rude American stereotype? What the heck does a smart casual dress code entail? What if my future colleagues think I’m a weirdo? Has Me:Mo ever had an intern? Well, upon arriving on my first day in some unnecessary stuffy business attire that my mom helped me pick out, all of my worries went out the window. Everybody was so welcoming and immediately began showing me the ropes. I got my very own desk, complete with an intern handbook, one of those fancy office phones, a computer, a lamp and even a mouse pad – the whole nine yards, it was really quite exciting.

There is a reason I titled this post “My Time with Me:Mo” – “with” being the key word. Throughout my internship, my time was not spent at Me:Mo, it was truly spent with Me:Mo. I was taken in as part of the team, not the coffee girl and learned more than I ever imagined. In my classes I was taught all sorts of things about media sales, management, writing for adverts, branding, etc. but my experience with Me:Mo brought those lessons to life outside of a classroom. I learned how to write proper content, the importance of analytics and SEO, the ins and outs of engagement, impressions, growth and so much more. Me:Mo is more than restaurant PR, it is a digital media agency that expertly uses press campaigns, social media output and digital marketing to drive business for clients by quite literally transforming a restaurant/bar into a lifestyle brand.

While I have no idea where I will be in a few short months after graduation, I know that my time as a Me:Mo intern was the best experience I could have asked for as I make this life transition. “Cheers” to an amazing summer in London with Me:Mo!