You can’t deny that burgers are a cornerstone of modern eating. Light, fluffy buns, thick, tender meat and a vast array of fillings ranging from bacon (our personal favourite) to macaroni cheese ( for the downright gluttonous.) ‘Tell us something we don’t know,’ I hear you cry. Well, what you may not know is that today is Mr Hyde’s #NationalBurgerDay, a day to celebrate the very best in bread wrapped meat. It also just so happens that we’ve managed to secure CAU Restaurants and Meat and Shake in the exclusive list of prestigious and reliable burger outlets. Meat and Shake even appear on BuzzFeed’s roundup of the best burgers to try for today’s celebrations which you can see here.  If you find yourself rushed off your feet, cold, alone and in need of that carnivore hit today, you can trust these guys to make you feel better!