Me:Mo Interactive are delighted to announce their latest client win, Quinola Mothergrain, a specialist quinoa company (pronounced ‘keen-wah’), importing Peru’s finest organic and Fairtrade quinoa.

For thousands of years the Incas have grown quinoa high up in the Andes; considering the quinoa grain sacred and regard it as the ‘mother grain’.

The nutritious super-grain, Quinola Mothergrain, is grown, farmed and processed at 4,000m, just north of Lake Titicaca in southern Peru, using 500 year-old techniques.

Founder of Quinola Mothergrain, James Livingstone-Wallace, a descendent of the 19th-century Scottish explorer, Dr David Livingstone, developed the brand after coming across smallholders growing quinoa while travelling with his family in the Peruvian Andes. On returning home, James set up a Fairtrade partnership with the Cabaña Farming Co-operative.

Quinola Mothergrain is made up of a variety of different products:

Quinola Grain (Pearl, Red & Black); Quinola Express; Quinola Baby; Quinola Kids; Quinola Flakes & Flour and Wholegrain French Quinoa