250 million photos of friends, family and cute dogs that are uploaded to Facebook every day. We experience life visually and the role of photos, images and videos in our life is evidenced by this Facebook fact. On returning home from any family outing or holiday, my mum would always invite her friends over to view the photos and videos that he had been taken throughout our adventures. This visual record of the trip was an important part of the sharing and telling of the stories and adventures that had occurred in our family travels.

So engaging are photos that Pinterest has now risen to become the 60th most visited site in the US last month!  This is even more evidence to the argument of the attractiveness of beautiful images on this highly visual pinboard social media network site.

So who exactly is using this site, causing it to rocket in popularity?  According to the latest figures it appears that women are the largest participants at 87%.

  •  Females 25-34 – 27%
  • Females 35-44 – 29%
  • Females 45-54 – 24%

So how engaging is Pinterest?  In 2010 Facebook out ran Google for the first time in time spent on their site.  It is the comparing of time spent on each social media site by the average user per month that gives us an interesting measure of the level of engagement.

1. Facebook is the most engaging site on the planet at 405 minutes per month

2. Pinterest and Tumblr are equal in second place at 89 minutes

3. Twitter comes in third at  21 minutes

4. LinkedIn – 17 minutes

5. Google Plus – 3 minutes

All these figures and demographics are paramount for marketers to when it comes to audience targeting and engagement.


So with all this in mind, and taking into account the below infographic smorgasbord of facts and figures, one thing is for sure – it’s in your best interest to take time for Pinterest.