As a hardened Londoner there are certain rules that guide your life, or at least they guide mine – one of those is don’t go to Covent Garden at the weekend (if you can possibly help it). It was a rule I broke on Saturday morning when I set out to Kopapa.

Run by Peter Gordon, it has been open for a couple of years – it is one of those restaurants that I walk past most weeks and think “oh yes, I should go there one of these days” – but never do. Well this weekend I did – at the suggestion of my very lovely missus. It was pretty damn good too, it shares a similar menu to places like Caravan and The Modern Pantry – and that’s no bad thing, it’s all a bit more interesting and inventive than your trad fry-up – plus, as we’ve come to expect from New Zealanders, there is excellent coffee. At the weekend brunch is served till past 4 so even for a late riser there is time for a good breakfast.

Sunday I spent in Greenwich, a part of town that I haven’t visited for about eight years – again like Covent Garden the hordes of tourists are the obvious annoyance, but off the beaten track, or at least a little to the west of the meridian line, a little way up Royal Hill is the Greenwich Union pub (run by the Meantime Brewing Company) – food wise it’s your standard issue pub grub done well, but that isn’t the real draw – the encyclopaedic beer list and selection of Meantime brews is what people come for. The craft brewing, beer lead pubs thing is becoming ubiquitous in certain parts of town – these guys were doing it ages ago and the no frills interior and lack of pretence is very welcome.