Our marketing director Ben raises a birthday toast to his favourite hangout…

It has become something of a running joke at Me:Mo that if I am not in the office or at a meeting then I am to be found at the club at Quo Vadis in Soho and perhaps nine out of ten times those in the office are right – I am a creature of habit if nothing else!

For me Quo Vadis is many things: a home away from home, an office in Soho, a place to entertain or to kick back with a Negroni. It is also seemingly the preferred hangout for people in the hospitality industry so there are always plenty of industry faces and friends to catch up with as well as Jeremy Lee, a Hart brother or three and the wonderful staff.

But tonight is something special. This year Quo Vadis is celebrating its 90th birthday and the Grand Old Dame of Dean Street is hosting a birthday party to remember for its members. It Is sure to be quite a night!