In the restaurant world there are a handful of dates that bring the industry together, usually for a bit of a drink and a good old back slapping – the Michelin results, the Tatler awards and The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants are the big three.

This year, for reasons unknown, The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants (Restaurant Magazine’s annual compilation of the world’s finest dining establishments) and the Tatler Restaurant awards followed each other on consecutive nights (a few hangovers probably hadn’t quite cleared).

It probably wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone that Noma was once again voted the best restaurant in the world for the third year in a row. It was a bit disappointing that the British showing was lower than it has been in recent years (only The Fat Duck and The Ledbury made the top 50), however Jay Rayner was quick to defend the UK restaurant scene – and rightly so, as he says, “We may not be big on cloches and water baths, but we are excellent further down the market where real people eat” – he cites Dock Kitchen, Pitt Cue and our very own Trullo as evidence that London is still pretty damn exciting for foodies.

The Tatler Restaurant Awards was last night – as you might imagine the Tatler do was a little more patriotic an affair, Hawksmoor, The Delaunay and Pollen Street Social were the big winners. The awards coincide with the magazine’s annual restaurant guide which was published this week (if you pick up a copy note the slightly terrifying cover of the magazine). We were very happy to see Trullo and SUDA included alongside some Me:Mo Interactive favorites (Polpo, St. John, Sam’s Brasserie and Brawn) and some hot spots we have yet to visit (Pitt Cue, Meat Liquor et al.).

Next up is the Michelin results do later in the year. Though this may well change; in 2011 they released both the 2011 and 2012 results (?) so they may well wait untill 2013 to announce the 2017 winners – we’ll have to see! As far as we know they are not tonight though which means a few restaurateurs and chefs might get a proper kip.