Enhancing Restaurant Marketing through Design

From platform-specific campaigns to simple eye-catching in-restaurant offers, social media posts and everywhere in between, Me:Mo target existing customers and capture new ones using a mix of restaurant marketing knowledge, in-depth research as well as carefully crafted content and design.

Visual Identity

Restaurant marketing goes hand in hand with design. Design does more than just look good; it’s a branding and marketing tool that really can help deliver results.

Crafting compelling design in a busy restaurant marketplace is one of the best ways of getting your voice heard. The simplest design elements including colour, typography and imagery combined quite literally shape a customer’s first glance; driving communication and brand interest from that point forward. Any marketing tool needs to be designed well in order for users to return in the future.

The design needs to match the content and information being portrayed, the design layout will allow the information to be easy to see and digest.

Designing with consistency is key, sticking to brand guidelines and tone of voice. A great visual presence means nothing if users don’t know who made it or what it represents.

At Memo, we work closely with all our clients to really understand their branding to create cutting edge design to communicate restaurant marketing in the best possible way.